Company Profile

Wahi Sons was established in the year 1995 by Late Mr. S L Wahi, a visionary with a profound business acumen. Under his able leadership, Wahi Sons became a leading manufacturer and supplier of Sheet Metal Parts, CNC Turning Parts, Plastic injection moulded parts, Welded Assemblies and Body Shop Parts in the arena of Indian Automotive Industry. Along with the automotive manufacturing, our expertise extends into the construction industry. We are leading manufacturers of metal framing systems commonly known as Channel Strut in India and overseas.

The company's first plant was established in Manesar, located on the outskirts of the National Capital Region. The combination of manufacturing expertise and exceptional quality standards led to the company being awarded the prestigious IATF 16949:2016 and ISO 14001 quality certification, which underlined the management’s commitment to excellence. ...

In 2012, Wahi Sons achieved a significant milestone by inaugurating its second plant in Bawal, Haryana which helped in increasing the production capacity and also effectively meet the growing demands of clients. In 2020 , the third plant was set up in Gujarat, specializing in advanced technologies such as robotic welding and intricate assemblies.

Supported by a dedicated team of highly trained engineers and skilled workers and guided by visionary management team, it has been a constant endeavour of the company to anticipate market demands and surpasses client expectations, By seizing every business opportunity and fostering innovation, the company has achieved remarkable growth. In addition to a strong domestic presence, Wahi Sons now exports its products to several countries including the UK, Europe, New Zealand, and North America.

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Fueled by Innovation and Driven by Technology, Wahi Sons Envisions Global Expansion & Leadership

With a relentless commitment to setting new benchmarks in quality, sustainability, and technological advancements powered by innovation, the company’s vision extends beyond traditional manufacturing boundaries. Wahi Sons aims to be a global leader at the forefront of both automotive and construction industries and look at expansion to other industry verticals as well.


Paving the Path of Excellence.
From humble beginnings to becoming a trailblazing force in auto parts manufacturing and subsequent expansion into construction industry, our journey is defined by innovation, commitment, and a passion for redefining industry standards.

Our Companies

The Wahi Sons Group is a dynamic conglomerate leading innovation across industries. With three visionary subsidiaries, we shape the future of automotive, construction, and more. Each subsidiary exemplifies our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, fueling our journey of success and growth.

Wahi Sons Pvt. Ltd., is a leading manufacturer and supplier of diverse components, including Sheet Metal Parts, CNC Turning Parts, Plastic Injection Molded Parts, Welded Assemblies, and Body Shop Parts for the Indian Automotive Industry. Today, besides its significant presence in the domestic market, the company is exporting its products to countries like UK, Europe, New Zealand and North America among others.

With a rich history of technological advancements, commitment to quality, and a customer-centric approach, Wahi Sons continues to redefine industry standards and carve a path towards a future marked by innovation and sustainability.

Wahi Akita Fine Blanking Pvt. Ltd. (WAFB), established in January 2017 as a joint venture between Wahi Sons Pvt. Ltd. and Akita Fine Blanking Corporation, Japan, has emerged as an industry leader in fine blanking processes. Renowned for its cutting-edge production machinery, including Fine Blanking presses, Machining Machines, Grinding, and Barrel machines, WAFB is committed to producing precision parts through technologically advanced processes.

Among its clients are prominent names in the automotive sector, including Aisin Automotive, Shiroki Automotive, Exedy India, FMI Automotive, and others. These partnerships underscore WAFB's reputation for delivering top-notch quality and precision components.

With the advancement and progression of the world comes the need for sustainable housing for mankind.

We at Abhishek Auto thrive to be a part of this ever changing world that is heading towards sustainability. With the construction industry growing globally along with our high precision component manufacturing capability we have now step foot into the global construction footprint. Assemblies like Struts and related child parts, hinges, brackets are now a part of our construction industry footprint.